Tips: Laundry & Food preservation

Our Lush Village this morning

Morning Y’all Lovely friends,

I guess by the time I will be posting it will be afternoon. Hope you all doing fantastic! Anyways, straight to the point. Here are some tips to help you in the long run. I wanna make it short and informative, so it saves you time and you can enjoy working on your life goals.

  • Make sure you preserve raw meat in the ‘freezer’ if you won’t be using it within next 2 days. Let’s say, you will be using the meat on 3rd day then keep in the freezer, not in the fridge section. This is important to maintain the quality of the meat and your own health as bacteria grows fast on raw food items. Bacteria tend to grow slower in temperatures below 40°F (4°C) and you get the right temperature in the freezer. ( I got sick two times in my first year because I was reluctant and didn’t quite understand where the sickness was coming from, so learn from my mistake).
  • Veggies should be stored in the vegetable boxes in the refrigerator. Otherwise, veggies doesn’t last long and kinda gets limp and soggy.
  • Now, about our Speed Queen Laundry, as the detergent trays are closed, we are to use detergent with our clothes. So, it is better to buy liquid detergents instead of the powdered one as sometimes the powdered one doesn’t dissolve evenly throughout the wash. Also, some of the detergent is harsh on clothes. So, check that too. As I also wanna care about environment as much as I can, I go for the earths choice one. check this link below. I found it liquid, mild, environment friendly and economical too. (remember, this is not sponsored or anything, as it is all about how we can achieve an supportive environment and easier life while living in the village).

That’s all for today. Any questions, just reach out to me. Talk soon guys! Enjoy the rest of the day ❤